About Us

Established in 2019, Level Up Athletics is the new generation in athletic apparel offering only the highest quality, most breathable, and flexible active wear in the industry.  We utilize the advancement in science and technology to facilitate the enhancement of our athletic apparel. Our apparel is guaranteed to keep you at your peak during activity and meet your comfort needs while looking your best through everyday wear.
Behind the Mask-
The Level Up Athletics mask is representative of the ancient Spartan.  It symbolizes the characteristics of exemplary Strength, Loyalty, Courage, and Power.  We wanted to design a logo that is representative of you and your everyday life.  No matter what we are doing at any point of the day, we do not want to fail…we want to be at our best and Level Up.  We want to be in the top 1%.  At times, we face obstacles that challenge this drive and it can be easy to slow momentum. Level Up Athletics designs our apparel so that you can wear it for any occasion during the day, take a quick glance at our logo, and remind yourself that you are Strong, Loyal, Courageous, and Powerful…no matter what you are facing.
Our Mission-
Level Up Athletics Co. will never settle for the “norm” and will continue to enhance its products to make you LOOK GREAT…FEEL GREAT…PERFORM GREAT in all areas of your life!!!  Now is the time to go EXTREME…not MAINSTREAM while exceeding the artificial limits placed in our everyday lives!!!